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Nancy Spitzer, President, & Pam Kressley, Consultant

Currently located in Atascadero, CA, Cambria Products, Inc. was  formed in March of 1988 by Carl and Nancy Spitzer. Initially selling Propane hoses regulators, gas hot plates, and related products, Cambria expanded into gas grill replacement parts and accessories in late 1988.  At that time gas grills were limited to just a few rock grates (they all used lava rock/briquettes), a limited number of oval and "H" burners, and a few cooking grids.  Retail stores could easily display all of the parts their customers were likely to need, without taking up much shelf space.

How times have changed!   There are now hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of grill models in the marketplace, and in use (often daily) by consumers.  Over the years, demand for parts has grown exponentially!

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Our Supervisor, Jack

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Jack - Keeping an eye on things ;-)

As a full line distributor of gas grill replacement parts for Music City Metals,  Cambria is positioned to promptly provide parts to gas grill dealers, hardware stores, gas grill cleaning/repair services, and other related businesses.  Whether the need is for one part, or hundreds, Cambria's goal is to ship same or next day.  You may reach us by phone, email, or fax.  We accept all major credit cards.

With Carl's passing in 2006, Nancy continues to provide the hallmark service they both felt was paramount.

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